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Apiqe To Debut Its “All In One,” Single Serve Multi-Beverage Center At NAMA’S OneShow

April 27, 2017


NEW YORK, NY – April 14, 2017– Apiqe Commercial Solutions USA LLC (“Apiqe”) is debuting its all-in-one, multi-beverage capsule system for the office and foodservice market at the OneShow, hosted by NAMA, from April 19 – 21 in Las Vegas. Apiqe fills a void in the beverage industry with its conveniently sized system, enabled by new technology, which delivers a wide variety of consistently delicious beverages in any workplace environment. 

The system, in development for five years, produces an extensive assortment of 10-ounce beverages, including hot, cold, and sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks, iced tea, sports and energy drinks, juices, coffee, and café lattes quickly and easily. With its comprehensive product choice, efficient delivery time, and accessible price point, the new Apiqe system provides a cost-effective upgrade for offices, conference rooms, waiting and common areas, and other hospitality venues. 


Consistent with Apiqe’s commitment to creating products that are environmentally sustainable, its team of internationally-recognized engineers and partners are working to develop a biodegradable pod. The Apiqe unit reduces carbon footprints as it is easily connected to an existing water source and eliminates the need for delivery and disposal of bottled beverages and vending machines. 


“As a food and beverage industry veteran, it’s been exciting to be a part of the team behind the Apiqe product engineering and development,” stated Bryan Crittenden, CEO, Apiqe “The commercial and consumer demand is stronger than ever for a beverage system that not only makes delicious hot and cold drinks, but does so conveniently, affordably, and quickly for the user,” Crittenden continued. 


Apiqe holds 14 patents for the system and its innovative technology. This new system leverages the core carbonation and filtration technology of the first generation Apiqe Water system with a unique and patented capsule system developed in the Netherlands. It’s core features include an inline carbonator, which provides continuous carbonation, and proprietary capsules that eliminate the risk of cross- contamination. The product’s hot capability should allow all third-party capsules to be used to make individualized cups of coffee. 


The Apiqe machine includes an LED touchscreen, a plumbed water supply, and a state-of-the-art micro- filtration system that delivers a better tasting and healthier beverage, hot or cold. The Apiqe "All in One" unit will be available for the office and foodservice market in the in the near future. While a consumer version is currently under development. 


About Apiqe 


Apiqe is a multinational startup, with locations in Europe and North America. The company is focused on technology and product development and is dedicated to reshaping the beverage category. As today’s consumers thirst for an ever-increasing variety of beverages, the Apiqe “all in one” beverage center addresses these desires with a system that can deliver trademark quality, branded beverages from single serve capsules. The “all in one” Beverage Center incorporates multiple proprietary technologies including an in-line carbonator (a-carb ©) and innovative “flavor capsule” design (a-cup ©), to deliver a wide variety of hot, cold, and sparkling beverages in seconds. Apiqe was founded on a commitment to consumers and is guided by a philosophy of social and environmental responsibility. Uniquely positioned to address a significant market need, the Apiqe team is currently seeking investors and partners who share their vision of reshaping the beverage category, one capsule at a time. 


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