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Introducing the "all in one" beverage center

Imagine all of your favorite drinks; from branded sodas to juices, coffees, lattes and flavored waters... all perfectly prepared the way you like them: fresh, cold, sparkling, still, hot & steaming...all from one, small, green, convenient source on your counter. Anytime - day or night - at home or at work. In seconds - at the simple touch of a screen.


our features

Proprietary Multi-Beverage Capsule System

The Apiqe system utilizes proprietary capsule technology for the creation of hot, cold and carbonated drinks.

Proprietary In-line Carbonation System

With its own carbonation system Apiqe obtains optimal flexibility in carbonation levels, instant carbonation without the downsides of batch systems, all within a low-cost price level.

Micro-Filtration System

Any beverage system is as good as the water it produces. The Apiqe beverage center therefore uses its own, easy to replace filtration system.

LED Touch Screen 

The Apiqe system is easy to use, the touch screen makes it even simpler.

cold water 

sparkling water

hot water

coffee beverages

soft drinks

our benefits

Cost benefits

  • Removes the need for multiple appliances or vending machines

  • Eliminates the cost of bottled water delivery

  • Reduces the possibility of stale product

  • Improves inventory management

  • Increases office productivity

  • Delivers a lower total cost of beverages 

Time and space

  • Increases storage space by eliminating inventory of bottles and cans

  • Reduces the number of appliances and vending machines required

  • Provides all your beverages with one small footprint

Environmentally friendly

  • Dramatically reduces carbon footprints

  • Substantially reduces packaging weight compared to both PET bottles and to cans

  • Recyclable capsules

  • Supports better planet

Variety with convenience


  • Provides greater variety of choice

  • No cross contamination: no need for cleaning between any servings

  • Provides more options to employees and customers

  • Improves morale


the future

home counter top unit



April 27, 2017

NEW YORK, NY – April 14, 2017– Apiqe Commercial Solutions USA LLC (“Apiqe”) is debuting its all-in-one, multi-beverage capsule system for the office and foodservice market at the OneShow, hosted by NAMA, from April 19 – 21 in Las Vegas. Apiqe fills a void in the beverage industry with its conveniently sized system, enabled by new technology, which delivers a wide variety of consistently delicious beverages in any workplace env...

LAS VEGAS -- Making its introduction this week at the NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas is Apiqe Commercial Solutions USA LLC's multi-beverage capsule system for the office and foodservice market.

The system, in development for five years, produces an assortment of 10-fl.oz. beverages, including hot, cold and sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks, iced tea, sports and energy drinks, juices, coffee and café lattes. It features an...

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