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APIQE represents the biggest revolution in the beverage industry of the 21st century.

APIQE's system takes the water out of the filling, bottling and distribution of beverages. Instead, it adds back filtered tap water at the point of consumption. This adds a dimension of sustainability that has never existed before in the beverage industry and addresses the significant environmental waste and damage it causes.

APIQE meets world class, trademark standards of taste, quality and variety across principal and emerging beverage categories. Our multi-patented, IoT platform —consisting of an All-in-One smart appliance and advanced capsules -- makes a full range of beverages including coffee, beer, filtered, carbonated and flavored waters, soft-drinks, iced tea and juices, cider and mixed drinks.

APIQE offers choice for people to drink what they enjoy, as well as try new, healthy options and emerging and niche brands.


About Us

Our Story

We started APIQE as we saw the beverage industry having its gigantic impact on the environment: shipping and driving water and other beverages around the globe.

All of this while the basic infrastructure for a sustainable alternative has been present all along.

Apiqe is unlocking that possibility by offering our system technology at point of consumption. APIQE's IoT Eco-System will only help us to be even more efficient, sustainable and impactful, while increasing our outreach to consumers and connect to the established industry.

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An opportunity for Emerging and Mainstream Brands to do Well....
And Better

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APIQE's Potential Impact on the Environment is Massive

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The Team


Boyd Mulder


Boyd Mulder has more than 20 years of experience in regional and global business management, brand and product marketing roles, including executive and C-suite positions across multi-national, mid-size and start-up companies. Having direct experience in nutrition and beverage systems with his past responsibilities for business development at Philips (AVENT, Senseo, PerfectDraft, Water filtration) and Bluewater, Boyd has a track record in driving sustainability together with brand equity and rapidly scaling up businesses whilst focusing on profit, planet and people.


Bryan Crittenden


Bryan Crittenden is a global food and beverage executive with over 25 years of experience working with multinationals, private equity, and start-ups. Most recently, he held senior positions in Private Equity and Start-up investments in food and beverage. Prior, Bryan was VP-International Business Development for The Hershey Company leading global growth initiatives in emerging markets across Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Prior to assuming that role, he was the VP for Latin America.


Jasper van de Sluis


Jasper van de Sluis is the longest standing employee and has been instrumental in the development of the Apiqe Beverage System. Jasper has a history of leading product development, the construction of corresponding IP portfolios and managing industrialization processes of innovative products in the beverage space. Jasper has worked with both start-ups and multinationals like LIDL and Groupe SEB in Asia, Europe and the US.


Theeuw Both

Engineering & Development Director

Over the past six years Theeuw contributed significantly to the final development of Apiqe's multi-beverage dispenser and capsules, now protected by over 25 patents. Theeuw has a long history in the development and production of consumer appliances and beverage capsules, from initial idea up to mass production. Originating from the plastics industry Theeuw has expertise in different molding and forming technologies as well as toolmaking.


Palden Namgyal

Advisory Board Member

Seasoned investment banker with over 30 years’ experience in the consumer products sector. Palden founded Atlas Advisors, an investment banking boutique focused on the consumer products sector. Prior to Atlas, he worked in JPMorgan’s Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions Group as Global Head of M&A for the consumer products, food and beverage practice.


Sheila Struyk

Advisory Board Member

Sheila sits on multiple Boards and is a Venture Partner with Shift Invest. Previously, she was CMO and Head of Global Strategy Director for Philips Consumer Lifestyles Unit. Sheila recently earned her diploma in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.


Willem Jan Rote


Willem Rote is both an international corporate executive and an entrepreneur in FMCG & Specialty Food & Beverage. He has 14 years of experience with PepsiCo in the areas of general management, supply, marketing & sales as well as in B2C as in B2B, across Europe (including Russia), USA and Asia. After PepsiCo, Willem led an International Cheese Business with Private Equity and ran his own specialty cheese business in the USA.

Contact Us

Apiqe Holdings LLC
546 5th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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